Consider These Four Things When Deciding Between Assisted Car Purchase Programs Vs. Independent Buying

If you're a member of an auto club, credit union, or other organization that offers auto purchasing programs, and you're looking for another car, those programs offering you assistance with finding the car you want may look really tempting. They do have some very positive aspects and have helped a lot of people, but you have to be sure one of those programs is right for you before you jump in. Read More 

Why Used Vehicles Are A Better Value Than New Cars

Vehicle shopping can be frustrating and confusing. There are rebates and clearance sales and so many options. When looking for the best deal, shoppers are able to save a lot more by forgetting about the newest and latest models, and looking for a good used vehicle instead. Some car buyers may feel as if they are sacrificing something by not getting a shiny new car, but there are many reasons why they should not have to feel as if they are missing out. Read More 

3 Reasons To Consider A Convertible For A Road Trip Vehicle

Shopping for a new car is a complicated process, mostly because you will need to make sure that you buy a vehicle that is a good fit for the type of driving that you plan on doing. If you are planning to take a lot of road trips in your new car, then it is important that you not overlook the many benefits offered by a convertible. Below are just a few great reasons to consider a convertible for a road trip vehicle. Read More 

The Key Differences Of The Dodge Challenger And Charger

The Dodge Challenger and Charge are two of the most exciting new cars on the market. They are powerful, stylish, fast and sophisticated. When it comes to American-made muscle, these two automobiles are becoming very popular. But, some buyers have trouble understanding the differences between these two similarly-named models. This article will give a basic rundown of their most important features so you can distinguish between the two and decide which is the best for you. Read More 

Two Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Chances Of Getting Approved For A Used Car Loan

You're all set to buy a used car. You know what type of car you want, the color and trim level. No need to check your credit because you pay your bills on time and aren't worried about qualifying for a car loan. You get the shock of your life when the dealer tells you, "sorry, but we can't get you approved." When it comes to purchasing a used car, paying your bills on time doesn't always equal good credit. Read More