Getting Your Snowmobile Ready For A Ride In A Flat-Bed Trailer

If you are planning on moving to a new house in the upcoming days and you have a snowmobile that you use for entertainment purposes, it will be necessary to take a few precautions to keep it safe while it is in transit. If you had never hauled your snowmobile in the past, it is likely you will need to purchase a trailer to get it to your new abode. Here are some tips you can use to make sure your snowmobile remains in the best possible condition as you haul it down highways in a flat-bed trailer to get to your destination.

Check That Your Trailer's Features Are Working Properly

After you purchase a trailer for your snowmobile, whether old or new, it is important to do a check of the features it provides before you pull your snowmobile on board. This will ensure others on the highway are not at risk for injury and will help keep your vehicle from becoming loose or hit by another vehicle. Do an evaluation of the lighting system to make sure each trailer light is illuminating properly and that turn signal indicators blink as they should. This will help keep others a far enough distance away from your trailer while you haul it. Double-check that your trailer is well-secured via a trailer hitch to the back of your vehicle. If this is loose, you could lose the entire trailer on the roadway.

Secure Your Snowmobile Before Hitting The Highway

Your flat-bed trailer will have either fold-down or removable ramps to get your vehicle on board. Before you attempt driving your snowmobile up these ramps, make sure they are completely stabilized so the vehicle does not tip over or fall from the trailer in the process of getting it into its position. When the ski blades reach the edge of the back end of the trailer, tilt your body forward so the weight of the vehicle shifts in the direction of the flat-bed and pull the vehicle forward.

A snowmobile flat-bed trailer will have a bar or rod in place for you to place over the ski portion of your vehicle. This aids in keeping your snowmobile from moving toward the end of the trailer and will hold it in place rather well. The back portion of your vehicle will need to be secured with a chain or ratchet-style strap to keep the back-end from moving. It is important that your snowmobile is not strapped into place with ropes or rubber pieces as these do not provide adequate safety in keeping the vehicle from shifting in the trailer.