A Pre-Owned Truck Is Right For Your Business: Here’s Why

Do you have a business and you need a truck so you can haul items around or have a larger vehicle for getting around? You can buy a used truck from a pre-owned dealership and be just as well off as you would be if you were to buy a truck brand-new, or more so.

Here are reasons why a pre-owned truck is right for your business, whether you are a sole proprietor who needs a truck for deliveries or you are a small business needing a work vehicle for your staff.

Your customers don't know the difference

In the world of business, appearances are often everything, but work trucks don't have to be included in this allure. So long as you have your work truck fitted with a work logo or other imagery and the truck can get the job done, your customers will not notice if the truck is brand-new or has several thousand miles on it. In fact, you can save money by buying a used truck from a pre-owned dealership and then taking the money you've saved to buy new paint, spruce it up, or place advertising on a used truck if you wish.

Your budget goes further

Why buy one brand-new truck when you can buy a few pre-owned trucks? If you have a smaller budget, you can get a used truck much more easily and affordably than a brand-new one. You may even be able to finance a few work trucks for your business needs from your pre-owned car dealership.

Any used trucks you buy should be certified pre-owned, come with a vehicle ownership and maintenance history, and a clear title or an explained salvage title. Your pre-owned truck dealer will show you several trucks within your budget and will assist you in getting the financing you need if you desire a payment plan. Depending on the dealership you choose and your credit history, you can be financed in-house or via a bank or lending company the truck dealership works with.

A work truck for strictly business use can be written off on your taxes either via depreciation, useful life, mileage, or other means. Once you buy your used truck, track mileage, maintenance costs, and other costs so you can have records for tax purposes. You can trade in your used truck for a newer one at the same auto dealership as needed or as your business grows. To learn more, visit a pre-owned dealership—such as a pre-owned Chevrolet dealership—today.