Adding A Custom Body To Your Truck To Fit Your Work Requirements

Installing a utility body on your truck can add functionality to the truck and make it more effective. Utility truck bodies come in many different configurations and sizes, and some companies offer custom-designed bodies that you can tailor to your specific needs. 

Body Materials

One of the first considerations to make when shopping for utility truck bodies is the material they are made from. There are bodies constructed from steel, aluminum, and fiberglass available, and they all have different benefits to the user. Aluminum and fiberglass are lightweight and corrosion-resistant but do not offer the same durability as steel construction. 

Aluminum utility truck bodies offer more durability than fiberglass and remain light enough to hold a large selection of tools and equipment, making them popular with many people. Depending on your preferences, an aluminum utility body can be painted, powder-coated, or left bare, but they are often painted to match the truck cab for aesthetics. 

Layout Or Design

Utility truck bodies are often designed so that everything is easily accessible without digging through toolboxes or other compartments to find the things you need in the field. In many cases, a compartment can be added specially to house a generator, allowing you always to have power when you need it. If the generator uses the same fuel as the truck, it can often be plumbed into the truck's fuel tank. 

The manufacturer can add racks for a welder or an oxyacetylene torch system to the body in the cargo area, and the doors can be designed to open in any direction you need them to. Hinging the door along the bottom often allows a small work area for organizing tools or parts while on a job. If you require specific compartment layouts, talk to the manufacturer about building a custom body that allows you to change the design to suit your needs better, but be prepared that changes often mean an additional cost.

Installing The Utility Body

Installing utility truck bodies onto standard truck chassis is not overly challenging if the truck body was made to fit the truck model. The mounts that normally connect the truck bed to the chassis are repurposed so that the utility body uses them the same way and often uses the factory mounting hardware.

The utility body is set in place, and the bolts are secured through the chassis to the box. Electrical connections can also be repurposed to run the lights on the body. In some cases, the body manufacturer will use the same pigtail or connector that the truck manufacturer uses so the wiring can simply plug into the truck harness. 

Lights inside the boxes can be linked to the lights on the truck and powered from the marker light supply, or an additional power source can be used if required. Once the truck body is mounted, you can fill it with tools and equipment making it easier to work in the field or on a job site that requires you to bring the tools you need with you. Speak with a custom auto shop to learn more about utility truck bodies.