4 Important Car Features For Senior Drivers

As a senior driver, the features you need in a vehicle to feel comfortable are different from when you are a young driver. You want a car that makes you as comfortable as possible.

Feature #1: Adaptive Cruise Control

With adaptive cruise control, you can reduce the stress of driving when you are driving a long distance. With adaptive cruise control, your vehicle maintains a set speed and a safe distance from the traffic. Your vehicle will both speed up and slow down, staying within the speed range that you specified. This is an excellent feature for a senior driver, as you can relax a little when driving a long distance.

Feature #2: Adaptive Headlamps

Driving at night can get more challenging as you get older, as seeing at night may become more difficult. With adaptive headlights, your lights will pivot and coordinate with your vehicle's steering angle. This will make it easier for you to see when you are driving around curves.

Some adaptive headlamps also automatically switch between dim beams and high beams, allowing you to focus on driving, not adjusting your headlights as drivers approach and recede from your view. This will make driving easier on your eyes.

Feature #3: GPS Navigation System

Third, it is nice to have a navigation system when you are driving somewhere you don't know. As an older driver, you will want to look for a GPS navigation system with a more prominent display. With an oversized display, you will be able to see where you are going quickly. Look for a more extensive GPS with voice assistance so you can see where you are going and get audible directions as well.

Feature #4: Self-Parking System

Fourth, parking can become more challenging as you get older because you have to twist and rotate your body a lot to see and park safely. With a self-parking system, you don't have to rotate and move your body as much, which is excellent if you don't have as much upper body range of motion. The self-parking system works differently based on the brand, but most will steer your vehicle into a parking spot using sensors, with the driver providing brake support and shifting gears as applicable.

As a senior citizen, you are going to want a vehicle that adjusts to your needs. A few car features that can be nice when you are older are adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlamps, a GPS navigation system, and a self-parking system. These systems are all about making driving easier on your body. For more information, contact an auto service such as a Nissan auto dealership.