Things That You’ll Like About Switching To A Station Wagon

If you have extensive experience with driving a coupe or a sedan, it can make sense to choose one of these vehicle types when you're shopping for a new vehicle. There are lots of reasons that this can be a good decision, but it never hurts to consider other body types, too. One vehicle that may catch your eye is a station wagon. Today's station wagons often look much sportier than station wagons from a couple of decades ago, and one model may catch your eye enough to warrant a test drive. Here are some things that you'll like about switching to a station wagon.

More Storage Space

One reason that a lot of drivers switch from sedans to station wagons is that the latter vehicle provides them with significantly more storage space. Give some thought to how you use your vehicle. If you enjoy taking family trips but have had trouble fitting your families' suitcase and other gear into a sedan, you'll appreciate that a station wagon will make it easier to travel with these items. People who use their vehicles for work can often benefit from station wagons, too. For example, if you frequently attend trade shows, you'll have ample space to carry a variety of promotional materials.

Easier To Drive Than An SUV

While there are a lot of people who enjoy driving sport utility vehicles, others can be slightly intimidated by the large size of these vehicles. For someone who has a history of driving a sedan, it can often make sense to move to a station wagon. You may find that your new vehicle is easier to drive than a large SUV. Namely, you shouldn't be intimidated by the process of parking on the street in a downtown area or navigating a narrow one-way street, because many station wagons are only marginally larger than sedans.

Third Row Seating

One clear advantage that some station wagons have over sedans is a third row of seating. If you don't need to use the back of the station wagon for cargo, but need to transport a lot of people, you have this ability. For example, if you have children and nieces or nephews, you might enjoy taking all of the kids on outings throughout the community. The extra seating available in some models of station wagons will give you this ability. Visit a local dealership to check out its new vehicles.