4 Basic Technology Features That Will Be Useful To Have In Your Next Vehicle

If you are looking to purchase a newer car or buy work trucks soon, you are going to find that over the last decade, a host of different technology features have been added to vehicles. Some of these technology features come with the base model of a vehicle, and others are features that you can purchase as upgrades. Knowing the technology that you want out of a vehicle can help you purchase the right vehicle for yourself. Here are a few of the more basic technology features that could come with your new car.

#1 Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the pieces of technology that you will find in even lower-end models is Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth connectivity has become increasingly popular with the advent of smartphones. A Bluetooth connection allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle. This can allow you to stream music to your car's speakers and even answer your phone. With more and more states moving to laws that require hands free devices for the use of smartphones in vehicles, Bluetooth connectivity is becoming an even more vital technology feature.

#3 Voice Control

Another feature that many people look for is voice control. With voice control, you can push a button on your steering wheel and tell your phone to send a text message to someone or make a phone call. Voice control often goes hand-in-hand with Bluetooth connectivity.

#2 WiFi & LTE 4G Connectivity

On the next wave after Bluetooth connectivity is WiFi alongside LTE 4G connectivity. With this type of connectivity, a router is basically built into your car that is capable of broadcasting a WiFi or 4G signal just like at home. That means instead of using the data on one's phone, you can use your vehicle as a hotspot and connect to the internet with your phone, tablet, or computer.

This can be a nifty feature if you travel around a lot for work; you could get work done in your car. It can also be a nice feature if you have kids or frequently have passengers in your vehicle who can take advantage of the WiFi and/or 4G connection.

#4 Back-Up Camera

Backing up a vehicle has always been a fraught experience. You can look over your shoulder numerous times and check your mirrors and still miss an animal dashing behind your car or someone walking behind your vehicle. With a back-up camera, you can turn on the camera in order to get a better view of what is happening behind you. This can be a really great feature that can really help keep your vehicle and those around you safe.

Some of the basic technology features you should consider when looking at new vehicles include Bluetooth connectivity, voice control, WiFi & 4G connectivity, and a back-up camera.