Five Factors You Need To Look Into When Purchasing A Used Car

Everyone pays a lot of attention to the appearance and price of a used vehicle they're considering purchasing. However, these aren't the only important factors to consider.

The following are five additional factors that you really need to be looking into carefully to make the best possible decision before purchasing a used vehicle:

A vehicle history report of the vehicle in question

A vehicle that has been in one or many accidents in the past is more likely to experience mechanical problems than one that has never been in an accident. Therefore, a used vehicle's history is an important factor to consider. 

These days, it's easy to track down a vehicle history report on any vehicle. All you typically need is the vehicle's VIN number.

Many dealers may provide a vehicle report to you free of charge if you ask. Otherwise, you can go online and find websites offering vehicle history reports. Sometimes, you can even find free vehicle history reports using the Internet.

Whether or not the vehicle is inspected and how long the inspection is good for

As time goes on, vehicle inspection standards tend to get increasingly rigorous. This is especially true when it comes to vehicle efficiency. 

It's not uncommon for drivers to own vehicles that run perfectly well but have to be junked or sold for parts because they can't pass inspection. 

When you purchase a used car, ask about whether or not it is inspected, when the inspection is up, and if there are any issues that could cause the vehicle to fail its next inspection.

Whether or not the dealer offers a money back guarantee

Most consumers associate money back guarantees with smaller purchases. However, dealers do often offer money back guarantees on vehicles that will last for a certain period of time after the purchase is made.

The fact that a dealer offers money back guarantees on its vehicles is a good indication that the dealer is trustworthy and is offering reliable vehicles.

The warranty options on the vehicle in question

Like a money back guarantee, a warranty is an indication that the dealer is confident that a vehicle is mechanically sound.

Even if you know you're not going to purchase a warranty if it costs extra, you should still ask about warranty terms to see how much confidence they show in the vehicle.

Any certification program offered by the dealer or vehicle manufacturer

Certified pre-owned designations on used cars are usually a good sign that a vehicle is dependable. These programs are often backed by the manufacturer so that the manufacturer is putting its reputation on the line to verify that a vehicle is sound.